Weight Reduction Area
Weight Loss
entire AC unit Your engine runs cooler as you do not have the condensor in the way 50-70 lbs
Fiberglass Hood Stock weight: 47 lbs - nice to open up a light hood as well 12 lbs
Drivers/Passangers Seats   35 lbs
Deceleration Valve Your car may 'pop' on deceleration, but I haven't heard one do that yet 1 lb
Euro Front Bumper Looks very nice. 25 lbs
Euro Rear Bumper Looks really nice- very good style and more attractive rear 25 lbs
Lexan Rear Window Original is 85+ lbs. Scratches easy though 65 lbs
Upper Back Seat 30 lbs
Lower Back Seat. You may want to cover it up with carpet after to make it look attractive again. 25 lbs
Sound dampening mat (in back). No noticeable gain in noise, but it's possible that it can reduce noise. 10 lbs
Charcoal canister for fuel vapors 7 lbs
Luggage cover - it is attached to the upper back seat. 5 lbs
Layer of plastic: Molded onto the sheet metal. This further reduces noise and if taken out WILL increase the noise in your car significantly 30 lbs