Shocking Advancements
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Shocking Advancements

We tend to understate our need for a good wiring system; for example most people tend to put their vehicles away when it rains or gets cooler out. Sometimes it’s too hot out or perhaps dusk tends to make these classic rides run back to their garages to be put away. We want both the driver and passenger to have an enjoyable ride so they can take a drive through the countryside.

Faulty or insufficient wiring is fixable, repairable, replaceable and upgradeable. When searching to update lighting, driveline or vehicle restoration, wiring most often comes into question. We offer more wiring ideas and harness types of our own and that from other manufacturers to give you the most options available.

We like to step it up; to give you the experience and confidence in your classic car. Whether its comfort that comes in the form of your heater fan to keep you warm and demise the windscreen to headlamps and turn signals that operate consistently and at full brightness we’ll deal with the technical so you can enjoy the open road.

We get deep into the systems too so you don’t need to. We can resolve manufacture defects, improve upon and will bring your electrical system to modern standards. Whether installing a new harness to your requirements, fuel injection systems on a classic or simply installing a few relays for lighting upgrades, we know how to improve the Lucas Electrical system or simply replace it with the best: BMC British Automobile Wiring Harnesses.