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Hupp heater for multiple cars

Recently pulled from a very nice TD, used lightly

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The Hupp Heater has been simulated but never duplicated and was used on many cars as a supplementary heater or as the only heater on vehicles when heaters were at best an option.
This heater was used in an MGTD that was placed in dry storage in 1975. The heater was pulled in 2010 after placing the car back on the road only for the owners need for additional room.

Model: Huppower division of Hupp Corperation, Detroit Michigan. Model 355 Heater. 
The Hupp heater was popular in many vehicle types after world war II. Modern variations of these will not have the rounded edges or same appearance as the originals. This is a ready to install unit. Paint has scratches but overall condition is very good. If we had a car that needed one of these, we would not give it up.

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