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Your Exclusive British Automobile Shop

Yes, BMC is a Restoration Shop for British cars!

Even though the BMC website Represents ALL of our work as a Restoration, Repair and Conversion shop that also sells through the World Wide Web, we are commonly shoe-horned as a Conversion only shop.

If this is the perception you have taken away from our site, dig deeper! :-)

Our shop was built on the idea of Repairing and Restoring Classic British Vehicles. This has not changed but we have added to our line and grown to work with the Entire British car crowd! I started this business as mostly a purist with little interest in anything that had to have so much as a hole drilled in the sheetmetal to fit with few exceptions. As time went on, I discovered there are some cars that should go unmolested such as the all original ‘53 MG TD that just left the shop with 16,900 miles on it- we Finally replaced the FACTORY belt because it was no longer functional or safe as a belt. Then there are others that we have no reason to hold back on such as my common as my common as water 1980 MGB that was converted to a more powerful V6. American laws destroyed late model MGBs from the original factory intention and I know that there are many great examples of low mile late model MGBs just in Minnesota, not to mention the rest of the world!

As all businesses change over time (Maytag Appliance Co. used to build gasoline engine powered cloths washers before electric) items are added to diversify a companies line-up. MANY of those in the British car industry, in order to make enough to continue daily expenses have taken modern cars in their bays next to your Classic, have taken other types (German, Japanese, Swede, Italian) or have done what they had to do in order to continue servicing your needs. I can name many shops that have done this and we all know the parts suppliers are doing this as well. I do not hold this against them- by doing this, they are able to continue working with the classics.

BMC started as my dream, a one man outfit in a small garage dedicated to the continued Restoration and Repair of your Classic British vehicle. We have grown to include myself plus Five employees and have Diversified to Conversions as well as parts sales but We have Not moved away from our Original Dedication to your Classic British Automobile- be you a Purist and you need Show quality workmanship with Fully documented backings on an Exceptional vehicle or if you would care more for a vehicle that is set up for daily driving to beat out those modern box car down the on ramp!

Owner and Manager,
BMC British Automobile, LLC

P.S. We will not be accepting any Mercedes Benz 300 SL Gullwings even though I was exposed to cars like this through my Dad was a Mercedes-Benz Specialist. 1930 Packards? I worked on pre-war Domestics for a number of years but the answer for this will be- No. Toyotas? Oh what a nauseated feeling- err, no.
We are a Classic British Shop only and can serve YOU better because of this.
As the British say, Full Stop.